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lirik lagu internet dream – tay zonday


cuttin’ it close
let the dishes turn green
everyone chasin’ their
internet dream

some like it hot
in a triple x funk
winnin’ the auction
turnin’ money to junk

cappin’ the flag
in a virtual dash
skippin’ your wedding
to play in a match


shut all the blinds
you mighta been seen
sittin’ alone
with your internet dream

winning the race
for your digital fix
living your life
with a clickity-click

“so every day i swear
i’m gonna go to bed at like eleven.
and all of a sudden it’s 4am…
and i was just watching youtube and
reading wikipedia for five hours.
it’s like man… you ask me the
next day. i can’t even remember
what i was doin. crazy.”

[verse ]


“i was talkin to my mom the other day
and she’s like ‘oh,
my computer’s been acting up again! ‘
so i’m thinkin she got a virus
or something…
and i’m like ‘ok what’s wrong?’
and she’s like ‘you know that bar that
you type the website in! it disappeared!
i can never remember how to get it back! ‘
i’m like ‘ok mom. we did this last week.’
i love my mom and dad. ”

[chorus x 2]

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