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lirik lagu it ain’t so strange – paperboys


though being born might be complicated/
we live onand don’t appreciate what god created/
til it’s gone so if tomorrow brings a new dawn
we might have waited too long/ or might be trough
with all the ways to do wrong/ “gotta say it”/
sh-t this song won’t matter but i still try/
still wonder what it would feel like/ if everyone was
living real nice would it be the same?/ would i still search
for freedom in cocaine/ and only seem to complain filling
weed in my brain/ just so my reasons get repeated again/
i know rap aint the easiest game but jesus man/
i really feel i need to explane/
i live life like i wanna fill it with marihuana/ and all i
feel i gotta do is honor my mama/
so when i’m trough with this trauma, insomnia and strange sh-t/
i’m leaving this game with the same duds i came with
“life is a blessing but even so/
seem to get the impression we don’t even know/
all i know is that we ain’t gon’ change/
it’s a shame but itain’t so strange/
and that greed, we’re on it/ it’s not beacause we need it/
we want it/ but we’re just trying to feed our own/
get some cheese, a little weed i’m gone”
“gotta say it” but know that life might hear you/
and most wishes come with a price that might scare you/
there’s something in the air/ it’s never a clear view so know
that everytime you see god the devil’s there too/
and it’s true that what we do comes back again/
we go from happy to, what the f-ck’s happening?/
another accident c-x sins don’t sleep/ i see it all from my
window seat/ sniffers with the limbo feet and it’s clear the
symptoms speak/ folks cheat when the ends don’t meet/
that’s why i try to make my singles peak and do better/
coz f-ck it i’m too clever/ not to search for a true treasure/
“say it” put it together see what life brings/ seems it’s less
frightning because of my white skin/
and this commotion and excitement/ the worlds at the
verge of war/ kids not knowing what they murder for/
but we don’t care we heard it before/ and as i throw away my
burger a third of us are poor/
no wonder there’s more turbulence in store/ but
this is what it came to so hold on it might be painfull/
living in this modern age where n-body behaves/ and
n-body gives a f-ck about poverty or aids/
i can promise you it’s not ok/ we’re walking on a planet
even god doesn’t bother to save/
there’s no moderate ways, misery’s like stardom/ and
novelty fades coz n-body likes problems/
cant fit us all in gods garden/ so watch your step there’s
not much left/ let’s not forget