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lirik lagu 0.decimals – j-definition


17, but i master all of them 16’s

[verse 1]
17 but i master all of them 16’s
this decimals, unfinished
flow dirty, but i’m this clean
i’ve been seen, put on clinics
rappers dropping like left and right from this raw spitting
i come with the shit that’s authentic
you pause with it
i go off with it
b-ss drop, and my tape drop ain’t been noticed
oh don’t go there
came up outta nowhere
decimals decimating i been capable keeping up whole shares
dealing with me ain’t a bargain, bruh
i obtain what these bars gain
so flexing on me’s just nonsense, honest
i’m’a be the most underquoted
low-key been the boy since my b-day
brought more to the flow, then to the table
but we still feast, whatever he say
i seek no peace up on the beat
and i beat mc’s up in the relay
i run that shit by myself
so the track game hard, i’m’a keep pace


[verse 2]
17 but i master all of them 16’s
that’s soph-m-ric, just know this flow this lightning just like blitzkrieg
or like mcqueen, just met your girl i might take her
i’m a mixed breed, i could speak for the creatures
b-ss b-mp till my face hurt
ask ’em all if they heard that like shepherds
mad talk to my brethren
twitter beef got no presence
cause you lame as f-ck with no essence
your game is ducking my questions
my game is roughing up veterans
to become the veteran
i’m the shit like i come in 2nd
this that shit that your sons will reference
these rappers my sons like hornacek
born to flex, like a baby body builder
they yelling “thank god i thought he k!lled us”
yeah i probably did it for the build up
beat a bad man while i’m pause
i got rappers acting backwards, they tryna tell me how it unfold
that’s that origami, they talking homis but never done slayed on the beat
i keep my crew behind me
we look dasani
she thirsty from all of this heat
i be the boy who beat the beat
i’m with the boys who make the song
i’m tryna coast, she do the most
i play this joint, she sing along
and then we gone…