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lirik lagu 1am in houston – j. fitts


when i put it down
you gone come round
i wanna see you now
girl wassup
no text no call you said you gone pick up

i’m off out da trap
i’ll be there girl come out

you got me feeling some way right now
girl you gone get it hmmm
i know you feeling the same way now
i know i ain’t trippin ayee

got so much smoke in the place
we just smoked a l to the face
baby let’s go to my place
and continue to yeah get wasted

chorus *

i love the way that you move
when u doing what you do
feels like i’m sitting on the moon
when i’m smoking with you aye
i just wanna show ya
you baby
you be making me wavy

i love the way that you are
i love thе way that you are

pull up in a drop top oou oou aye
loyalty you know i’m rocking
i just wanna show you girl
a whole lot
you my baby i ain’t trippin this for both of us
this for both of us

lеt’s get high
touch your body
the way you move
when you round me
i’ll touch and groove
hear the music