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lirik lagu no love – jbreezo


you gon’ get as far as the motherf*ckers you talk to for no reason
you’ll be as successful as the motherf*ckers that you talk to for no reason
what i mean is
if you spending your day talking to a n*gga that ain’t got nothing going on, what the f*ck kind of information could he offer you?
can he help you learn something? could he teach you something in the conversation?
leave me the f*ck alone man
(i love you jbreezo!)

[verse 1]
yall want me to drop some more love songs but i ain’t been feeling no love in a minute
she told me she miss when i used to be in it
i don’t care for the clout
give a f*ck about the image
might be a lil risky, i’m still finna send it
we go back and forth like we both playing tennis
she keep coming cause she know that compared to her last i’m winning
the dirt on my past, lord forgive me for sinning
well why you not falling in love?
she told me that she fell in love with them drugs
can’t focus on that cause i’m running it up
pull up dressed in all black like i’m ready to take
you want beef? we don’t duck it
get ready to [?]
[?] can’t even believe that it happened
get scared bout business
he ready for action but he used to script so just stick to the acting

its 5 o clock in the morning right now but i’m gonna try to add a lil hype to my voice
yall probably like d*mn he sound lame right now
i got you, hold on

[verse 2]
tollie tucked under my bed like a soldier
i gotta make it, get moms a new rover
i can still hit yo b*tch in fashinova
say he get money he broke but i told you that
shout out to bruce but the cap
don’t condone that
he talking crazy, point the beam where his dome at
bro these .556 gon’ go through his liver
you ain’t know that yo ho’ super liked me on tinder
i been up for 2 weeks, i ain’t getting no sleep
i don’t pop me no percs, i just smoke me some weed
tried to get her attention but i end up getting hurt again
who gon’ ride with me till the end?
i*i had to cut off them n*ggas and b*tches
two twin glocks and they both got switches
i’m so cold hearted, i can’t fall in love again
got so f*cked up i can’t go to the club again

i was tryna’ come up but some of my own n*ggas ain’t believe in me
can’t tell me that i’m wrong
cause its too late and i’m moving on woah