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lirik lagu 4.22 – jeff sontag


catch a breath off the tip of my tongue,
your pulse breaks waves on the pale blue drone.
drinking my reflection from the palm of your hand,
i pause to trace all the lines in the sand.
if we could,

draw our skin back delicately
and hang it on the edge of the bed could we go
swim like ripples on the still of the dawn?
feeding on dreams and wondering at stars.
it’s the perfect kind of calm inside, now that our eyes have adjusted i can finally dive a bit deeper, this weed’s got me feeling divine.
we’re weaving through fields filled with smoke and the sky, in your throat there’s a hope in between whispered laughter.
i ask where you been, why we are, what you’re after.
the answers they vanish, you gasp and imagine, that moment of stillness, we’re spinning in ashes.
can you see over there that spot on my wall?
white paint, like a stain, in the shape of a closed fist.
that’s where it shattered, the life i had planned.
with one i have since come to learn how to not love and looking back now it’s all kind of a laugh.
getting lost was the best part of losing it all, and falling i found how to live with the clouds, i don’t say much at all but i’m loving the sound of…