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lirik lagu 0640 – kidd keo


[letra de ”0640″]

[spanish translation]

woke up early in the morning
same sh-t but it’s some different on me
i feel depressed when the hood is game boring
all the problems, all the dramas, hating on me
when it looks like a grey day, mean for us it’s a pay day
sitting on a house looking how the day p-sses
tryna get it for my own it got me crazy
all the lean and the gas is now hitting hot
all i got in my head is run off the block
feeling, bro, i wanna run, i wanna get it all
i wanna take the whole world ’cause i deserve some
i called my brother, i tell him ”bro, i need to move.”
i called my mama, and i told her ”i’mma take the moon.”
don’t cry for me, i’mma going be back soon
don’t cry, baby, i will think about you

late night, i get the keys of the whip
now i’m leaving off the crib
now i’m carving on the road and everybody sleeps
all i’ve got in my head is that i’m going to be rich

six forty, driving in the foreign
no license, i don’t give no f-ck man
big bag on the back, fear on me
all i know i gotta get out by the morning

six fifty, driving in the foreign
no license, i don’t give no f-ck man
i don’t wanna live my life as a broke man
i prefer dying young and baller

seven twenty, driving in the foreign
no license and the police chasing on me
i’ve gotta press the gas when the phone ring
baby calling on the phone, she waiting on me

seven forty, driving in the foreign
i picked the phone she said “what’s up?!”, i couldn’t say nothing
i hear all the ”skrrs” and the sirens
i said ”babe, i gotta go, you’ll be proud of me.”