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lirik lagu 111888777 – kill stacy


pistol right beside me nah i’m never feeling lonely b*tch
smoke you and yo homie down until i gotta roach the clip
reload the b*tch
and blow some sh*t
tote a smith
wit poles in it
blow him out the west end
leave him in the east wit holes in him
never been no phony kid
my mama taught me better
don’t be stepping out your business
that’s how n*ggas end up dead and if a n*gga end up dead that mean i prolly shot his head
cuz i ain’t goin out for nothing
that go without being said

[verse 2]
b*tch i’m tryna live for something
you ain’t gotta live it’s nothing
i done lost all thoughts of sympathy
the first time i was bussin
lil b*tch heard that i was buzzin
get to humpin suckin f*ckin
when i hop inside the function feel like tana
straight up crushin
got yo shawty straight up gushin
see me flexin on the stage b*tch
went from broke to straight quick
still ain’t got no change b*tch
seen these n*ggas lane switch
no my gang won’t change sh*t
only thing we changing is yo face
when this thing hit
it hit yo lip it f*ck it up change yo language
talk on my name bet i knock who you came wit
pull up to yo crib f*ck the socks off yo main chick
ain’t for no clout do this sh*t for my gang b*tch

187 sh*t
187 sh*t
it’s that shuriken
187 sh*t
hit his ass shuriken
187 b*tch
shout out ak
shout out my crows
shout out my family
rest in peace my soldiers