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lirik lagu 18 – king libra


it’s been a ride

verse 1
18 yeah 18
oh man
man i’m 18
still kinging in my city
yeah i’m ruling with no queen
learning to enjoy my life
yeah by all means
i mean i still learning from my mistakes
i’m still a teen
focus on my happiness
and i don’t really need this green
my music getting better
flow getting tighter than my jeans
i mean ironically it’s in my genes
no matter where i go they show me love
prince akeem
all i do is spread peace love and positivity
who would want to end me?
living by my motto’s wrist
i’m born to lead
but me coming up
i gotta watch out for my enemies
this city is filled with greed
and imma fight through all my demons
like i was cast in greed
think it’s time i get some stuff up off my chest
thought the girl i been with for a year
would be the one thought i won
but plans change
exes change
for exchange
think we better off apart
i mean
and dad i know things be uncommunicative
between the two of us
it’s kind of hard to open to you
cause i feel as though no matter what i tell
i disappoint you
always felt i wasn’t good enough
we hardly crack a smile
it be nice every once and awhile
and tiffany i’m glad you came into our lives
and brought human life from your inner light
when i look at him i see me
even though he’s my dad’s kid
he’s still me
yeah lil black boy
he got a lot to say
this boy make a lot of noise
i’m a brothers keeper
that goes for my blood
my kin
and i ain’t going lie to y’all i’m not perfect
some things i had to work on
i had to work it
my mom didn’t bring me into this life to fake it
she told me do me and never run from anything
i had to face it
let’s not pretend how we called lamont weird
or question his s-xuality cause of what we wears
or how he talks differently than his peers
you don’t have to like me
all i ask is for you to keep it real
[beat switches]

kanye don’t sue me
y’all ready for this?

[libra go crazy]

verse 2
time to turn up now
libra killing with beats now
yeah i’m up and coming
they like how?
didn’t i tell y’all i’m bout it?
man i just wanna blow now
and i mean like right now
man who else making 10k plays
like grinding in the lab like each and every day
i don’t know what y’all been b-mping but it’s all cliche
gang gang gang
and bang bang bang
i am not they
cause they decay
i’m too clutch with my right thumb
call it 2k
eye closed sw-ngin
so i don’t see who hating
i’ve been waiting and waiting
i’m sorry i’m too impatient
i just think it’s funny how they talking down below me
cause they can never overlook me
dangling the bait but i’m the one that’s playing hooky
living life like this
got paint a picture
on a night like this
hoping that my brothers never feel like this
cops out here blasting killing
and they murder all my brothers just cause
see that dark skin get the bussin
all for nothing
growing up over east
never been in the streets
oh my god the things i seen
playing outside just another summer day
everyone out having fun
kids playing wit the teens
gunshots bust all in the air just cause
momma screaming outside wonder where i was
running to the crib hoping that i live
drive by cruising through the block
all black glocks
all bust shots
looking shocked
guns poked check to check
might peek at you
born and raised in my area
really wanna go
not a good places but i still call it home
uncle locked up he mia
just trying live where a lotta people die
city never held a kid down
they need to wake up now