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lirik lagu ​distance – ​kragz


your’re so far away
maybe ill see you in my room some day
do you feel the same way about me
i know you wanna move on from me

i might just stand aside
wrist bleeding please don’t call me
im so obsessed with you
i can’t just let go
[venus rose]
so hopeless, so hopeless
don’t know it, don’t know it
i struggle, to make friends
i stumble, where’s the end?

please stop with the lies, feels like you don’t want me alive
and i don’t wanna die, still want you right by my side

baby, i’m unstable
wish you could see my feelings
baby, i’m not angel
wish you could see what i’m dealing

i can’t anything right
i want to try be alright
gonna find my new light
maybe i can stop crying all night

i want to take my sweater back
i want to give it one more go
i want to undo everything
i want to see your eyes again