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lirik lagu keep on – junior doctor

keep on

lately i’ve had a hard time trying to fall asleep
and i’ve tried everything from medications all the way to counting sheep
but i just end up creating a crippling addiction
to things i swore i’d never need – oh
i laid awake in bed last night through a thousand dreams
and i began to think that everything i want is so far out of reach
but then i looked at you and knew my dream was lying right here next to me

so i say

we keep on dreaming of all we can be
and i don’t have much, but i have you
so let’s keep on dreaming, and i’ll keep believing
because i know that dreams come true
and my proof is that i have you

now i try so hard to be good company
but sometimes my add gets the best of me
so busy trying to reach the stars
that i forget about the flowers at my feet
then something makes you laugh
and i quickly remember that you are all i need

cause your smile lifts me up whenever i am down
your eyes, they ease the pain from when i’ve hit the ground
and the truth is my dream was always you
and baby you’re the reason i know dreams come true

yeah i’ll keep on, cause i have you

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