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lirik lagu kingdom come – kirk franklin


ive been up ive been down been looking for some joy to come around ive been
praying for some sunshine been looking for a love that i can call mine. see ive
cried for so long now im ready for the tears to be gone so im calling you right
now cause you said that i can make it lord any how

chorus:so im gonna wait (on you)
cause i know that your gonna pull (me through)
i hear you telling me to (be strong)
cause deliverance is coming and (it wont be long)
the storm will p-ss (away)
i believe its gonna be (a brighter day)
i can finally see (the sun)
so im waiting on you til (thy kingdom come)

this world can be cold and i can feel te hurting in my soul but the pain it
wont last long cause i know its only here to make me strong just take it from
me some day we’re gonna be free we been waiting lord for a night but the lord
said its gonna be alright
chorus 2x

jill schott yall
da da dil din dal dali da din dbop be da dild

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
all my people can you clap your hand if you love him can you clap your hands
jill schoot can you clap your hands new nation can you clap your hands

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