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lirik lagu 106 south – lawrence arms


our trip had ended, i didn’t know what i had to do
who really cares at all, gotta get away somehow
we settled on a place where the open road had closed
and we’d tried too many times before

and i spent the night alone
with three things on my mind
money, pills, and girls
money, thrills, and girls

been looking through the pages of some magazine that i’ve read a thousand times
and the food all starts to taste the same and it’s 6: 09 am
and there’s nothing on tv
and i’m f-cked, just look at me

watching simpsons, afraid to call you
i know i f-cked up, i know i owe you
700, please don’t hate me
i’ll get a job and i’ll pay you back somehow

one more night alone, and you can take it
there’ll be more tomorrow
same magazine, same tasteless food
same tv screen, same sh-tty mood

and i feel like it can’t get worse