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lirik lagu youngest prophet – lor_kreny



(oh my goodness)

all eyes on me is iconic so i’m bout to become bionic

supersonic like i’m logic , eminem we all robotic

destroying mumble no remorse it’s time to take the recorse

and n-body better try me or i’ll slice you up


see i’m the youngest prophet to burn up all these prophets

start saying something maybe us lyrisicts will shut it

too forgiving on this n imma pull the trigger

i ain’t goku just saying stop mumble oh my goodness i’m bout to crumble you

i’m trynna to pick you up your life the tumblers aren’t moving

proving that your trash is just improving in the state of losing

[switch cadence]

people drinking this boozin then everybody is losing

and people stuck up here drinking and n-body’s even thinking now

back to what i was saying
y’all rappers are up here playing

our families need some praying
and evil needs delaying

cause all i see is the slaying
cause all i see is betraying
cause all i see is the k!lling
cause all i see is decaying

(oh my goodness)
(what is going on around here oh my goodness)

(oh my goodness)