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lirik lagu letters to earth – atrox

some time ago
and for a period of time
i lived on another planet
and in another galaxy
where time
didn’t exist

there were no seasons
no nights or days
there were no calendars
no hourgl-sses

sometimes i wrote letters to earth
to ask what year, what season it was
sometimes i wrote letters to earth
to find out how old i had become

and sometimes i was seventy years old
but other times my granddad wasn’t even born
so my letters to him were returned
and i had to note on the envelope
which year it was supposed to arrive in
once, for a test, i sent a letter addressed
“planet tellus anno 2050”
but i never got neither an answer nor the letter in return

i don’t know how long i lived there
i forgot the meaning of words like
“tomorrow” and “soon” and “suddenly”
i became both patient and impatient

the strange thing, though
even if time didn’t exist
i always had plenty of time

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