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lirik lagu lil boosie love – lil boosie

“lil boosie love”

[chorus: x2]
lil’boosie love, lil’boosie, lil’boosie love, i’ve been holdin it down so long,
lil’boosie love (yeah baby)

[verse 1:]
now when you see me in my benz put your l’s up, dat mean you got love for me and you care bra. so many years of rough rhymes got dem lovin boo, and i’m a real thug n-gg- and i love you too. light up your swisha lil’ n-gg- gon crank it up, you got your li
ghter and your liquor gon drank it up. now swerve by if you boosie through the sign, you love your hood throw your hood high in the sky. you lost your thug pour some syrup on the curve for him, keep it poppin throw a party every 3rd for him. and lil’boos
ie love is from the newest thug to the truest thug, everybody showin love. cause i keep on coming and i keep on spitting, i gotta tell it like tupac that you can’t knock my visit. and i don got betta, and if you a hater you need to get up on my level and g
et boosie love.

[chorus x2]

[verse 2:]
(look remember this look) i call my b-tch, and talk to my b-tch. i slaughter my b-tch and ya’ll love that sh-t. my family in the background hollin thug that sh-t (man thug that sh-t) my hoes in the crowd hollin look at that b-tch. it’s that bad azz sh-t
you gon rewind this song, you might know the whole thing by the time you get home. i’m on the grind in the monin, i’m the best of the best. i ain’t no deadbeat daddy all my chern be fresh. look they banging boosie in the morning, boosie in the evening and
boosie when it’s storming. look man i’m the one that got these n-gg-s hollin gutta, and can’t n-body touch me when i’m talking bout my mother. i throw a capital sign for my motherf-ckin brotha, he throw a prayer back for my motherf-ckin struggle. if you
hustle you gon feel it if you don’t, then you lame if you lame then you lame and you need to make a change and get boosie love.

[chorus x2]

[verse 3:]
(check this out look) walk out the house every morning feeling luxury, ride luxury you n-gg-s can’t f-ck with me. new fits and new kicks, i got a lot of new sh-t. and all my raps they be true sh-t, but sometimes i loose sh-t. be in the world of my own, s
tressing bout this sugar sh-t ready to bust me a dome. this for them real n-gg-s that love boosie, holla when you see me cause we finta shoot a movie. man hop in this jacuzzi girl, and get this boosie love. you grab it and pull it in gon do it girl. we in
this thug world. babies dying mommas crying, i explain the game if you read between my line. this for tennessee, kuntucky, my mississippi g’s for dem alabama g’s and the whole florida key. and i’m a carolina star. and this for plan to georgia man i hold
it down for flaw.

[chorus x2]

step with me (c’mon) step with me (c’mon) step with me (c’mon). yeah you can 2 step off to this one here, you can ride all night off to this one here. for dem n-gg-s out there, i love ya’ll. and dem nice young ladies out there all dem women out there who
love boosie. i did this for ya’ll, i love ya’ll, lil’boosie love

[chorus: until fade]

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