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lirik lagu 1 step @ a time – maminsejtan


one step at a time
very picky with my time 2x
is u a ride or die 3x
stop wasting all my time

step by step
step by step
i risk it all
just to reach my goals
watching on my every move
like the gawd d*mn feeds
watching on my every move
can i get some sp*ce

socializing really ain’t my cup of tea
so dont get mad
if i ain’t tryna leave the crib
all the time 2x
ive been feeling
like this
like this 2x
all the time 2x
paranoid 2x
all the time
idk why
im feeling like this
dont know

dont know
the answer
too it
idk idk idk idk

step by step 2x
imma risk it all
watch me risk it all
f*ck it all up
at the strip club
throwing hundreds up
heard me well 2x
f*ck you and him two
f*ck him and you two