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lirik lagu 414 words – mickey factz


it’s mickey!

[verse 1]
a couple of words for the ears of the listeners
you’re hear as a visitor, please leave your signature
diarrhea mickey on display it’s a yearbook
privacy is really a decay, i’m a werewolf
alive in the night, 4:14 on my clock as i write
bills on my countertop rocking my life
bill collectors blocked calling non-stop got me tight
they blocked outta spite
credit score growing, bank account got a comma now for the moment
health insurance got a brother zoning
misery in life is history, crazy how a number with two 4’s just got a trilogy
america about to vote trump instead of hillary
what happened to the dignity, somebody gotta tell me before i have me a mini-me
and be a fasha, like mike myers minus being the monster
sitting on a chase sippin’ oj and vodka, americana sponsored
people creepin’ in my inbox like they contra
listen to my song please, little do they know i do the same thing with don c
difference is the angle, we ain’t speak since april, 2014
there go that number again, it’s still haunting me
deja vu, but i won’t let it conquer me
people know the name, but it so hard to market me
hurt in every vein, my brain and all my arteries
the black sean connery, y-3 honorary member as a nominee
came a long way from lawyer dreams
all it means, is a couple hundred words can change a mans outlook
go from unemployed to dream bout how the house look
concrete floors got it looking like a loft
20-13 man i couldn’t buy a voss
two years later now i’m looking like a boss and the dealership sayin’, “i look good inside a porsche”
two seater, few visa’s, new caesar, ruler in hand ? true leader
got them sick to they stomach, now that’s a flu fever
going over my words they all proof readers
lesson learned without a school teacher
payin’ paul before i knew peter
expressionism describes for my supporters
i’m hoping the ? hits em, prayin’ loretta feel em
lauren getting older i’m hoping to give her wisdom
she better listen, blank canvas on the wal-mart television
there’s knots in my heart, these words are in the prison
reflect the prism
i had $4.14 in my bank account
they same time in the morning i had to think it out
same number with words i used to paint it out
$4.14, $4.14