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lirik lagu limbo – mighty geinus


(verse 1: mighty geinus)
when you and i come around i have no idea where we stand
her flawless public facade masked by private despair
you and i have two bi-polar opposite souls but we got one thing in common girl


(verse 2: mighty geinus)
shang tsung took my soul before i could make you scream out for me like sindel
but i stick to my roots so the squad don’t branch out to far
young savages do this all just to die for our district and hopes in return that the city catch fire for us
but they say we would k!ll for love, so who gon show love for me
skinny n-gga, gold t–th, b-tton up shirts, and straight leg jeans covergirl the maybeline joker n-ggas that come around in the dark nights
glock 45’s in my face, held by the one i think cares for me the much
too bad this hazel eyed b-st-rd has full on black pupils, no soul
that n-gga lamont died the same day his daddy did
i’m alive just enough to look death in it’s eyes, but she all the way live
so me and her gon robb bank$ til’ cadie finally awake from her come down
and gather all the children to k!ll our leaders i’m sinster with the maxipad and pen
bleed red ink from my veins and tell the truth only when lies are needed
that wasn’t even necessary, she say who you gon love somebody when don’t even trust yourself
i just want love and wealth is that too much to ask or should i grab the skimask that resemble whoopi
and rob talaya for all she stole, heart cold as a berg, and skin made out of gold
thanks, you let the anchor off my ankle cause i fell face first for the girl i had a crush on since 6th grade
her long hair and body resembles a goddesses, mind of a temple, and -ss of the future, eyes of straight honesty and truth
she the truth
i could never lie to somebody like you. naww
cause the the pain just come with pleasure
hoes on deck like the suite life n-gga
but i ain’t never been the one to write in codes cause i’m zach with the red nose
aimed at head, hope that i’m dead, but i can’t die cause i been flexin since hercules date of birth
you berf

(verse 3: mighty geinus)
through the ups and downs, i just try to keep a level head
i see in my dreams and wake up in panic with nightmares on my pillow
baby, just let me in
i need you more than you will ever know my f-cking name

(verse 4: mighty geinus)
but, all these memories are irrelevent when it comes to the dark past and even more dim future between me and you
she the truth, body of a goddesses, drop dead gorgeous
got me pushin up tulips and flowers
pink lips, ohh your pretty pink lips
ion know where we stand but atleast i got a great view from the first floor of you