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lirik lagu unbreakable – mimilock


[verse 1]
do what i gotta if i wanna live
talking bout sneaking on top of the ship
stowing away, moving in silence
every day, every night, i’m trying to write
bout my life
cause y’all would believe it if y’all could just see it
but that sh*t’s impossible, y’all can just read it
i ​can just spit it, and y’all can repeat it
n0body skip it, this isn’t a cutscene
and i’m tired of n*ggas tryna rush me
over a year, and i’m not even rusty
wasn’t no fear, i know that i’m lucky
for better or for worse
i know it’s still lessons to learn
never really could inherit a quirk
but there’s still merit in work, n*gga, yeah

[verse 2]
don’t know what to make of life right now
won’t be wrong to say i might back down
but i been on my naruhodo
making shocking stories out of jarring photos
reaper tryna get me, no swallow
feeling kinda empty, so hollow
like i’m shawlong, no tomorrow
but for how long? only god knows
tsukishiro leave his heart froze
stay in briggs, so you know the bars cold
monochrome like a barcode
still making fire like i’m charcoal
some thing better never said
all for me to keep a level head
but i’m still upset cause i need the advance
all i really wanna see are speckled bands