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lirik lagu tick tock – molotov jukebox


verse 1:
tick tock we all know the sound,
times never there when you want him around,
everyday anyway we try and make plans,
but he looks with face what he collects with his hands,
grapple my minutes, my hours, my days,
through gridlocks and traffic and countless delays,
fazed, but don’t let get in your way
we all know how old you can feel in a day,

time keeps me up with it’s constant beat,
i can drag my heels or i can move my feet,
tick tock tick tock with it’s constant beat,
you can drag your heels of you can move your feet

dance to it just let go,
you just can’t stop it so, dance to it just let go,
you just can’t stop it.

verse 2:
bells and teachers it’s time to wake up,
we’re only here because time bred with luck,
lady luck watches, she gives little help,
she does deals whilst we get dealt,
dealing with big ben riding me by,
how time flies, how does time fly,
can’t do anymore, too much on my plate,
times scr-w-ng me while i’m f-cking late,

same as above bridge.


middle 8:
wait wait wait wait
wait wait wait wait (i won’t)
wait (i can’t) wait (no) wait (no no) wait
wait (i don’t) wait (want to) wait wait.