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lirik lagu no compromise – money sonny


[intro: king josiah]
ayy, ayy, ayy
king life!
squad 5-1-3

[verse 1: king josiah]
feel the vibe, it’s how you describe
a great hype, well i’m not that type
from pipe dreams, visualizing mic screens
the name josiah representin’ g.o.d. a.k.a. king
lucid like juice wrld, fluid with details
not useless, love music
it’s exclusive, genres included
don’t come down on us, we’re human
i ain’t losing, stay winning
uh, chronicles trials tribulations
yeah a beginning to an ending
huh, no clones ain’t printed
nah, don’t have me a twenty
woah, kinda sounds like twinnin’
i am me and am who i am
real or fake? man you can’t understand
there’s a difference between pretend and pretense
does it make sense? can he add that?
mathematics knows how to subtract graphics
i mean what do i do like serving both spiritual cl-ssics?
not to mention, them explicit tactics
getting the whole involved
problems i cannot solved
hey, problems i cannot solved

[interlude: king josiah]
there’s no compromise
what you fail to realize
where we be, where be?
money, where you at?

[verse 2: money sonny]
i’m with the gang, you know that we bang (rrrrah!)
pull up with that thang, i’mma let it spray (bang!)
don’t come dissin’ if you don’t expect some pain (facts!)
just give it up, you a goofy, you a lame
you want some beef, heating up the microwave
your girl came to stay, it’s a sunny day (uh-huh!)
she hop in the whip, i’mma catch a case (yeah!)
’cause i’m in first place (yeah, gang!)
just bought a hundred g’s than i did a double (hey!)
she hit so much weed that she got in trouble (what!)
you said that your “girl!” y’all a good couple (hey!)
but she on my tip, that’s a good gupple (what!)
i’m bussin’ out shots, you catch it, did a fumble (oh, squad 513!)
i’m ready to shoot, i’m ready to rumble
i’m a gorilla, i’m fresh out the jungle (gang gang!)
the colt on my waist and its ready to crumble

[verse 3: king josiah]
look, there’s no compromise (nah)
what you fail to realize (huh?)
a blessing under di-disguise (woo!)
king josiah will ride (yeah!)
money sonny will rise (king life!)
we already know we don’t pretend
every single thing ain’t no lie (nah, no)
we’ve seen some things
from the cincinnati, where we be (lodi dodi!)
ohio, the hometown, this is the state bio (bio!)
coming around, coming around
i am like spyro (bars!)
it’s that dragon where you drag on, spiral (fire!)
looka here, coming there
every single thing close from there (woo!)
every single thing close from here
here we go, bout to go (woo!)
let you know, how we flow
we just goin’ off the bone
bad bad, smack ya known
and you already know the home (hey!)
at the dome in the zone, we playin’ off the throne (throne!)
tryna reclaim it, let you know, we not proclaiming (yeah yeah)
self-proclaiming, every single thing that we be (what?)
yes we free, yes we, yes we finna lead (ahh!)

[outro: money sonny & king josiah]
compromise, compromise
no, no compromise
compromise, compromise
no, no compromise
compromise, gang!
no, no compromise
compromise, gang!
no, no compromise