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lirik lagu 13 – mr kordy


marwan elgezawy
2 months ago (edited)
lyrics in da caption and here :
new faces joined the cl!cka
i busted out the camera and i took sick fl!cka
south side pour vida , hommie am a leader
hommie bring your heater
9 mm we f*ckin taking over
the traces on da shoulders
the street is getting hot and the game is getting colder
i keep my hommies close and i keep your ass closer
am getting older let’s keep it true
we dressed in blue we tatted 2
we keep it gangsta i thought u knew
we keep on movin* u keep on loosing
we still recruiting sit ur ass down
what da f*ck you doing
pinche cabron we never die alone
we loyal 2 da bone , tell me what u did ..
i made a cl!cka by my own
blue flag , new locs chuck taylor
c*ck back shoot 1st ask later
got mad watch out i shoot haters

where u from hommie ?
south side .. 2
simon que si esse

what you doing here in dat barrio .
que onda que pido que tranza perrito
هربتوا و جريتوا حقك خلاص نسيتو
عايزك تنكت وتهري ، انا عندي جيش ف ظهري ،
اعرف اخرك واخري
اخرك عويل ف شارعك .. وانا يبني لعبي دولي
my vatos from my time are all doin* time
speak about whatever, but never about the crime
leave it for da pros and listen 2 my rhyme
وطول ما صاحبي غايب ، خلاص مفيش حبايب
وخصمي هلس خايب و كلبي سايبه سايب
والعيش نشف والملح دايب
بضرب خرطوش وحي .. علي حجري كله جي
انا قولتلك بلاش متجيش تقولّي أي
so f*ck your body guards
i sell your body parts
give me a glass if wine
den i eat your broken hearts
ben there done that shot gun got gat
5.o f*ck that
street life hood rats
real g’z get that