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lirik lagu magic bars – avias seay

everywhere i go these n-gg-z always be that same
want me to drop some bars see what words inside my brain
and everytime they challenge me yall know i have to battle
my thought process is magic something that make yo heart rattle
i’m so amazing… i’m on the top of things… um so high… said i’m so high
i’m higher than a girl bang sit on her head
n-gg-z i said i’m higher than somebody dreams in they head
and um from the world of hard knocks so my haters they dread
when they see the swag they stand and salute like the pledge
my armys made all steel close together like a hedge
yo n-gg-z all starving while my army stay fed
and um made authentic like these tims on my feet
said um coming through blasting knowing yall bout to retreat
um breezing through fake mc’s like wind to a ship
no process complete without me like a computer chip
didn’t believe i had potential till i went through these stages
name sitting on cd players listeners all ages
and you can’t help but feel me cause i bring the pain
um stuck in haters mind like a major migraine
now that being said which one of yall want to battle
i’m built for war atrocious fetch my horse with the saddle

(4x’s) chorus- supercajafrajalist exspelidocious my rapping is atrocious i thought that you should know this

you n-gg-z talk sh-t eating garbage while i eat at popeyes
got the nerves to talk sh-t my favorite motto is popeyes
when um breezing through yo town show me salute yo and holla
without my green, it make me mean, i’m bout that good paper dolla
you lyrics never can go hard that’s why you n-gg-z stay soft
can’t live my life it’s such an adventure like tomb raiders lara croft
and i got to harlem shake all you soft haters off
every chance i get a hole in one playing yall like a game of golf
yall got more wear and tear than a stripper got on her heels
i’m swimming through all yall barriers because my rap is so eel
now i know i said too much yo calm down n-gg- chill
lyrics so cold um mr.freeze yo calm down n-gg- chill
anyway you flip yo lyrics i’m trashing them out
it’s a new day to ship yo theoric but we rationalizing for mouth
words appearing magically in my head yo call me a genius
rap style fo futuristic i have landed on venus

(4x’s) chorus- supercajafrajalist exspelidocious my rapping is atrocious i thought that you should know this
ending: da rap nemesis um out!

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