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lirik lagu magic glass monument – abigor

although i thought i would never again
in a room with no begining or end
but for sure there is a center
nothing but vastness
and an object of supreme magic
a mirror shaped as a pyramid
black but still reflecting
my hands and arms but not my face
i’m watching myself moving
towards this blasphemy
attracted i float nearer and nearer
trying to step aside
but my journey ends behind the gl-ss
a sea coloured red is awaiting me there
everything is upside down
am i destined to drown
surfaces belong to other dimensions
h-ll is above
and heaven awaits far below
deeper and deeper i sink
and scream without sound
unrealistic reality or a dream
in the state of being awake
for sure this will be
my greatest victory or my final defeat
if i am demon all the angels must die

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