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lirik lagu mindtrick – 2 skinnee j’s

check out the scene,
weâ? re stuck in a tractor beam
with the r-2 unit
and the whole skinnee team
from the moons of endor
to the land of lando
we take the whole d-mn posse
to wherever the van goes
the chase is on
and weâ? re close to capture
imperial forces donâ? t really know what theyâ? re after
which way did they go?
which way did they go?
excuse me for the question but i really got to know
my rosy gl-sses
give me p-ssage
inside the minds of m-sses
so relax when i ask this
did you come to kick my -ss,
or get your -ss kicked
iâ? m a mellow fellow not afraid of being yellow
but will i run from a gun when confronted,
h-ll no.
iâ? m obi wan
i use the force.
these are not the jâ? s youâ? re looking for

i hold my light saber versus vader and envision
the invaderâ? s demolition,
rebels on a mission
to defeat â? em red leader gonna be there in a flash
exit to the x-wing
flexing with the crash
skinneeâ? s in control.
now we go for gold.
like han but never solo cause my crew be in the hold
chilling like hoth they canâ? t touch us
with their blasters we learned
at the feet of the masters

itâ? s an old jedi mind trick
itâ? s an old jedi mind trick
itâ? s an old jedi mind trick
itâ? s an old jedi mind trick

hold up
i froze up
when the speeders showed up
the shieldâ? s are down and the shipâ? s about to blow up
imperial forces want to force us to extinction
but my force is from the source,
so of course i trust my instincts

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