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lirik lagu modeify the pronunciation – the devil wears prada

now that it’s here,
it’s too late.
the whole wide world,
is fearing the wrong things.
falling down a cold staircase.
and persistently i darken my shadow to cover up regret
but the train tracks still lie straight.
it’ll be the end of deception.
vertical to the horizon.
it’ll be the end of deception.
this is the gun to the manipulation.
bring the end (ow!)
architecture is falling (yeah) denial;
a repet-tive trait.
the walls.
a repet-tive trait.
i thought this died so long ago,
but reoccuring shame eats at me.
she eats at me.
she walked away.
i’m here for forgiveness one more time.
i’m slurring a compilation of words.
i plea for your forgiveness,
one more time.
i plea for this (one more time)
i’m asking for your forgiveness,
god. lay her to rest

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