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lirik lagu more than a carpenter – america gomorrah

it’s a nice day for a walk
i think i’ll go to the lake
i see the people standing there
i hear a voice

“friend, tell me what’s going on?”
he shakes his head and walks away
i see a man in a boat
i hear him speak

good soil!

you think you see, but you are blind
you think you hear; you do not understand
your hearts are hard, you’ve closed your mind
oh, i would heal you!

more than a man
the son of man
more than a carpenter
with eyes of fire
and voice like a stream/thunder
his words cut to the bone

he tells another tale as i watch
i sense his words are true
though he talks in riddles
i know there’s more

many leave now, though i stay
i need to understand
tell me more, i need to know
who you are

who is this man, a carpenter?
how did he learn such truth?
who is this man, a carpenter?
no, so much more

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