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lirik lagu mors imperium aetheriam – argentum

when frontiers being dissolved like a soft path
your ether exhales pur immensity in a mourn phase
feel a coldness presence, expands your hand on the moon
when the deep tide reaches the supreme knowledge you´ll be into infera

(chorus) shadowy temples of eternal cold
mors imperium aetheriam
there is no more life, ease and hope

when the inner light cease like a dark sphere
go through the immaterialism that flowing enclose you
the fear by the urubus and the sinister suffering
won´t be your liberty from the creepy limb of memory

exurgent mortoui et adme venium
exdabus mortis vel spiritibus
h-m- glorificatus, mortem trinitatis…
…trinitatis nostra

when the cruelty of depriving condense thy world
a view from decaying sun as your direful destiny
it is time to join us to our mightiest empire
always built in a blasted ruins with mournful gratefulness

(repeat chorus)

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