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lirik lagu n-noreaga – closer – capone


word up word up always look in the yo. (yeah i always did that too yo). and
ask why. why it gotta be like this? kila bee rest in peace yo (killa bee
rest in peace) word up (word up) ? prayers ain’t never end (prayer’s ain’t
never end)
“gotta get the cash gotta get the doe” -puff daddy ‘makin’ moves with puff’

yo i started out in iraq the wrong route
more chickens to doubt more money to count
yo my swiss account with more cheese amount
it’s still piling and still gettin’ calls from the island
still do the things i do when i was wildin’
tryin’ to go from penny loafers to mink sofas
spend a week with dime chickens asfreaks
body so bangin’ i call they t-ts santy

if you don’t know (if you don’t know)
knowlegde is what makes thugs grow
just stay on point cause you reep what you sew

ask chicks scream loud like car beats
i wanna be under the seats in our streets
last year around the time this year
if i would of got locked
yoi wouldn’t even get it but now i got this rap thing (what)
no more hustlin’ at age ten my team played to win
reach under the car seat n-body understandin’
yo the black struggle gotta hustle to hustle
and once you get muscle n-body trust you
tryin’ to be like goldy in the shaft days
these lasts days comin’ up
yo these little n-gg-s comin’ up
hear they’re gun talk ready to buck
not thinkin’
black on black crime yo it’s swine you’re both stinkin’
pretty ake yo stan to marley yo it’s poppie offically
arab natzi 2-5-2 we regluate this what

said i wanna be closer to this paper (get close)
ooooh get closer to these ends
“gotta get the cash gotta get the doe”
closer to this paper get closer to this paper (h-lla dope baby)
get closer to these ends
“gotta get the cash gotta get the doe”

yo i remember when we first did it
n-body with it
label said 2-5 is to thugged out (to thugged out)
so although we had to but god wasn’t glad to
wait our turn to boiler now we burn
on the daily done f-ckin’ in every telly
we can fly just like r.kelly
them only secondary to the sun
i think i gotta son but i ain’t sure
what’s in store god there’s more
shortie says she came by knockin’ at my door
could it be tryin’ to be what i can be
islam me 2-5 my army
said she about to have my seed
soon to be it shocked me
thinkin’ bout a little me
eternally i bleed thinkin’ of seed yo at high speed
i multiply with weed
now i slow my life down i got time to breath


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