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lirik lagu another classic – nathan baya


verse 1 : nathan baya

i don’t age like wine
i age like illmatic
i could still touch a beat
and leave the sh-t tragic
still drop black magic
on the track, like my last name
through out negatives
stay positive like magic
i got lyrical ratchets
with the pen i’m
a war veteran
ain’t n0body better than
drop bombs like alcaida
i’ve inspired many
and i’ll probably inspire more
everybody asking me what’s
next in stores
a song , a project?
i’m just a young buck
coming from the projects
tryna project truth
i keeps it real when i’m in the booth
i turn the booth into
a telephone booth
this a real conversation
that i’m having with the beat
bring heat like 50
i got power
no friend of mine is a coward
many sower
cause i got the key
i break to rebuild
with love i’ve been filled
so even if they hate me
i still love
from a distance
they know the instance
they in my presence
they can’t bring talks
just because i’m a christian
doesn’t mean you can cross me
and you could never cross me out
the flow icy like crosby
with the humour of cosby
the last name baya will forever
be engraved
many listeners are enslaved
i’ve paved the way for many
i am a legend like will smith
on the mic i got a ill grip
let me give you a tip
you beating me like a native paying taxes it’s impossible the sh-t
could never happen

verse 2 : ty rock n rolla

hop on the beat
unconscious n swing
d it down nutt nutt nutt up
n offspring
my flows a s-xy
romanticised fling
connected to this
at the highest of ping..
i pop n lock this
with no b
boy stance
n no locksmith
feelin it threw my pants
flown with no piff
marshan trance
slinging shots nuff to make
ya brain dance
ty rock n rolla
no carbon copy
tryna d-ck life
while its tryna bare back me…