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lirik lagu 40 bars – nicki minaj


fitted down and i’m reddii 2 play
when yo alb-m gon’ drop b-tches neva could say
say f-k i look like givin birds dae props
b-tches act like dae hot but i heard dae not
how the f-k you in the game like 10 yrs strong
ya’ll b-tches still can’t write cha own d-mn song
you see me on the stoop man these birds just aloop me
wetha i’m in the coop or dat hoopty doopsy
i’m alwayz witta dude dat will louf yah coofy
let’em eat mah coochy and cop mii poochy
house in the boonies rock the dooby
cop the 22 den spark ah lucy
he tell em i’m the one he prolly right
he pressin me like b-tton downs
on a friday night yah girl
get it poppin like dynamite,
dynamite the c-ke albino white
name one b-tch in the game
that i can’t murdah
chicken noodle b-tch on the side witta soda
give it 2 ae’boddii liek a cop witah quotah
stop play polka hop inside amolka
i eat b-tches no knife no folka
b-tch want it with me livin the life loca
o0o i get it you ah joka
i leave ah dot on yah head and i ain’t talkin bout polka
cause you the type that b runnin your mouf
see you on the block wanna run in yah house
i’m with the n-gg- fendi neva f-cks witta slouch
i f-ck with dirty money like watz undah the couch cause
ain’t a b-tch could f-k with my flow
wen it comes 2 drugs mommy just say no
eatha you on sumthin or yah s-l-o
had tah switch up the flow let these sketals know
i come come hard i don’t come with garbage
just one phone call they goin’ come regardless
i alwayz got the ball mah i roll with starters
write my own barz and my flows the hardess n-gg-