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lirik lagu never go away – nishosoul


never go away
man, i swear that be the realest
ain’t n0body gonna feel ya until everybody feel ya
ain’t n0body looking for you until everybody find you
all up on that clique moves
that be on that high school
really took time for myself to see how mike moves
gotta love so(u)lely before i just start inviting through (real talk)
concentrating, concentrate
prayed up, find a way
i know imma stay
no matter what the situation…..


never go away
that’s a goal you really feeling
you just want your stuff to last
never fading from the vision
ain’t fading like a haircut
ain’t fading like some vocals
either gentle touch or life’ll hold you
either on my savage or i stick to being n0ble
doing everything to keep my soul tuned
straight up just go through
seeing all my consequences
i done made some dumb decisions
perseverance kept me in it
pray i make it to the finish…