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lirik lagu new morality – exumer

don’t need no reason
don’t need to f-cking think
i burn your house down
and laugh when you can’t win

i hold you hostage
when i steal your wife
don’t beg for mercy
this happens in real time

don’t blame no one
you could not know
i’ll put the trigger
and the gun explodes

i have the blood-l-st
born in urban veins
and broken childhoods
they might just explain

we ride, insane, defy

i will define
the end of your time
you hurt inside
but know i decline

don’t need no answers
don’t need know it’s sin
i blast your skull off
and watch you f-cking sink

i am the darkness
that you all fear
i have no heart, see
i make you disappear

we ride, insane, defy

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