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lirik lagu no regrets? – antagonist a.d

i used to be a better man,
but these years have seen me fall.
i held the taste of glory and pride.
but that life has gone, sour in the sun.
days are shorter, nights are too d-mn long.
now the bitter taste of failure sits on my tongue,
full of cliches, full of sh-t.
but i like the way the sky shines,
when you look it through open eyes.
i like the wya the city burns,
when you see the flames of freedom spark.
i still am, that better man
and these years have seen me tested,
i still hold the taste of floury and pride,
my beliefs are strong
they shine with the sun,
still full of cliches, still full of sh-t.
i know now, the colour of regret,
it’s blood red (i’m blood red),
i guess i’m better for it.

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