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lirik lagu not my job – mac dre

[verse 1]
dre rock the jewelry with the clear stones
and get on a n-gg- head like some earphones
i finna spit it, with a clear tone
get yo attention, the biggest thang since the tv invention
dope as yola, i’m a big shot, a show off
plus i’m a big pimp, i get tow off
f-ck a good job, she need a good jaw
and sell bj’s until her mouth get raw
i’m from the california coast, beaches and riches
hit the cot, get ghost, no more sleepin’ with b-tches
i got a coughnut, sittin’ on wires
on vogues b-tch, not mich-llin tires
can’t control my desires, i buy from nordstroms not fred myers
do a lot of weed, love my supplier
she keep it, f-ck the blood out my supplier
man i’m bigger than life, i do it magnum
and bout these broke b-tches, i’m through with havin’ em’
dre bogard, he shove and he push
and start war for nothin’ gw bush
we be lovin’ the cush, but only in the backwood
it ain’t a backwood, it ain’t all that good
i’m from the streets, where most need heat
but i slice a n-gg- up like some roast beef meat


i can bust you a rap, but anything else, not my job
i peel ya cap back, but anything else, not my job
i get ya for racks, but anything else, not my job
i make you a slap, but anything else, not my job

[verse 2]
b-tch gone ask me to come with her to grocery shop
i told her straight up like this, “no siree bob! ”
that’s not my job, i don’t do that
i’m a pimp slash rapper, i thought you knew that
and where yo dude, should i serve em’ the news
and let him know you finna be walkin’ in some brand new shoes
ooh, you a fool, gotta watch thy self
one false move, and you could stop thy self
sometimes i’m not myself, i’m another man
i’m a rockstar, in another band
plus i’m the man with plan in his hands
soon we’ll all be playing in sand
cause to my estimations, and these calculations
and all the money i made off the rompalation
i finna get as many didgets that’s on my license plate
i sh-t on some of these midgets b-tch i can’t wait


[verse 3]
when i dip, they trip off what furl dressed in
plus i got a mouth full girl’s best friends
i’m a back to the future new game kind of n-gg-
y’all lames is plain, drinkin’ the same kind of liquor
wearin’ the same kind of clothes, f-ckin’ the same kind of clothes
and you bedrock pimpin’, meanin’ yo games kind of old
you don’t want it with me, i’ll bother ya
so get lost pal, before i clobber ya
i got golden gloves, i give ya a new look
with stiff left and a sharp right hook
n-gg-z know snitches, they ride and they go with them
it’s all gravy, as long as they don’t tell on them
me and my team, see we a machine
f-ck with my mans, and i’m a have to intervene
i’m a sporco, and a sauncho
always lookin’ out for benny blanco

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