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lirik lagu snow baby diss track – ogr-scintilla


stupid baby doesn’t doesn’t know what she’s talking aboot
you obviously don’t live up in canada, dude
we’re cool with the cold and we think that it’s cool
if not, then 10 months of the year we’d have nothing to do
we get a bit of snow and it ain’t even an issue
you wanna cry about it
here have a tissue

move up to america
buddy, we won’t miss you
being hoser gang is something you really gotta commit to
stupid friggen babies crying bout the weather like
a little bit of snow and your lip starts to quiver like
ya see a few flakes and your knees start to shake likе
obviously isn’t no canadian
eh, they’re like

you gеt a bit of snow and life grinds to a
halt, go ahead and get offended but it
isn’t my fault that the
heat down south turned you
all so soft, if you
can’t take a joke buddy go kick rocks
and to be fair, it
wouldn’t be right, to talk aboot all
american’s as stereotypes
minnesota north dakota and montana are fine
honorary hosers from the land of the ice but if you
see a bit of snow and it makes you wanna cry, then
living up here will be a pretty tough time, i’m the greatest out of canada with
pretty tough rhymes that’s why no southern yanky rapper flow is colder than mine