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in the kitchen - onfully lyrics


[intro: drego]
on bloods
every time i come in the ktichen (boy), your ass in the kitchen

[verse 1: drego & glockboyz teejaee]
it’s just me in june, made it out november with the stick
i’ll whip that sh*t, hold on, let me go and grab my mix
this lil’ bitty b*tch was frontin’, gave that p*ssy up quick
bust then i split, got a quick flip for a split
i can’t lay up, do that bag, she on it, i keep dog sh*t on me
i don’t play, ain’t sony, put them ass cheeks on me
trap spot, in and out, dope aroma in the house
sticks tucked in the couch, i’m in the back countin’ thousands
all up in the public housin’, servin’, tryna duck the county
servin’, tryna duck the feds, put some money on your head
it wasn’t sh*t, i stretched the grams, all this bass, can start a band
all this chain, they think i hit a beach, but you wouldn’t understand (ayy)

[verse 2: glockboyz teejaee]
play with mе, you sleep forever like hе took a xan
we and onfully done blowed the fully like a fan
gettin’ money, n*gga, i’m rich, i’ll fly a b*tch from j*pan
hit her once off of the percs and now she thinkin’ i’m her man
bust a bag down, i’ma have to split it up with the team
my n*ggas different, wish i can tell you what i mean
ain’t tryna check us at the door, we can’t get in with it, we gon’ leave
send me they current location, i’ll probably go and catch a b (come on)
man, hit a brick on n*ggas, man, hit a l!ck on n*ggas
they tried to fl!ck me in that ‘cat, i had to dip on n*ggas
like a badass kid, i be pullin’ out that switch for n*ggas
you don’t even wanna see me off the drank ’cause i’m a different n*gga
[verse 3: onfully]
trap bouncin’ up and down like a trampoline
know i get that bag to the south, and that’s by any means
my dog’ll slime your ass so i call him slithereen
her and her sister ass fat, it’s run in they genes
miss a thirty*five, twenty*five sellin’ blues and p’s
i get it for the low, but charge, how you cop for me?
mega b*tch break the bag, this is not for cheap
out of town leanin’ off a six, i can barely speak
this ho keep sayin’ i’m toxic, yeah, she sick of me
bro gotta break hoes all the time, then he ain’t sign a lease

[verse 4: nuk]
the grams, we want ’em, he a ham, then we on him
i’m too schooled, i ain’t trappin’ out no crib, i get mobile
don’t do friends, i ain’t social, in my bands, not a holster
i cop big, then i get another big from promoters
you got a brick, that’s how you book with me
all my b*tches with that dog, i make ’em cook for me
yeah, it’s true that i got tan money, yen money
i got bag but watch how quick i lose it, hear the feds comin’
i got yeah money, pres money
i gotta watch how quick i put it on ’em, yeah, that’s dead money
she on that, i got her stuck on meds
i be whippin’ girl, boy, i got crack just like a deviled egg
ain’t no secret, yeah, we left your mans
i ain’t even get a chance to hit it ’cause i left on head

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