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lirik lagu e + f = ❤ (part 2) – otaku the rapper


she’s so perfect, picture perfect
us a couple you wouldn’t give up on
she needed the affection but i didn’t give her the attention
she was texting another person
guess her heart was hurting
truly her heart is broken
i’m sorry for the broken pieces that i can’t pick up on
she told me she wasn’t worth it
but i’d cut up my hands and knees to save a relationship that’s so worth it
heart made of gl-ss so fragile
couldn’t even put my finger on it to touch it
i got a cold heart but you melted the ice
when we argue that’s like clash of the t-tans
eren and annie
but if you truly look at the relationship i’m like levi when i feel like it and you’re more like potato girl sasha
flash back to a year when we first met, first met you had my heart right from the jump
from the get go
glad i didn’t let you go
i’m just tryna let you know i don’t want no more games
this for life, but i’m in no rush
everything we got now is enough