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lirik lagu oliver twist (freestyle) – wale

semetex said we good, then we good then
all d n-gg-s in d back where u hood at?
tryna buy another sack, where d good at?
shorty throw it back, and a n-gg- might luv that!
yeah! uh! green and white flow!
mmg chain, looking like a light show
lot of weed on me, no tobacco
and they hating -ss n-gg-s, we ain’t like those
no, no, we are not those
haters and i drop top off in a hot cold
….but i got hoes, so fly, we are sayin’, we are got those
we exclusive, they be talking but they never do sh-t
and i be telking about me, i do this
i got d whole darm world on this shoe sh-t, true sh-t
semetax said we’re good, and we’re good then
all the n-gg-s in the back, where your hood at?
i’m tryin’ 2 buy another sack, where the good at
shorty throw it back and a n-gg- might luv that,
f-ck that naija get the money
when i arrive the whole town gets sunny
they giving pound and that before get the money
they giving pounds and that’s of course gettin’ money
n-gg-s hate us, but we famous so i never blame ’em
i’m just sayin’ they’re mad cause i don’t make much
spect of a 100 clear on these trainer they up
break it out, puck it out for a young g
young thing said never been 2 south beach
pack it up thirty minutes 2 d jet leaves
best we smoke, so much it’s like jet lee work, work, work, work

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