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lirik lagu on the avenue – aztec camera

words and music by roddy frame

everybody’s walking through the city all alone
but no one talks about it
i am just a simple, un-ssuming kind of man
so neither do i
but i walk like the rest and try to do my best
’til i’m beaten, ’til i’m blue
and it shines like the sun inside of everyone
like the neon that i see in the rain
on the avenue

everybody’s dreaming ’bout a city in the sky
where we can live without love
i am just a simple, un-ssuming kind of guy
so so do i

but to feed you from a sh-ll, fill you up and wish you
that’s my reason, it’s what i do
and it shines in the guise of egyptian sparkling eyes
in the bas-m-nt of a hotel
on the avenue

and if the hotel burns down
we’d probably drown ‘neath the firemens’ hoses
holy moses!
i would still believe that paradise
was there with you
never blue
stuck like glue
on the avenue

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