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lirik lagu p.c.p. – grimskunk


me dijeron que andabas bien baracho
¡re te bien, re te bien gacho! — parece que planabas otra ves
tus ojitos de idiot-ta tan perdido
¡ay que gasto! — ¡desperdicio! ¡despilsarro!
ademas de tu vida que te empeñas en desirme
¡que la culpa no es la tuya! — ¿que la culpa es la mia?
que averte sin moberte tan botado
¡pobre imbecil! — los años van a pasar
y un dia reventir…

take a good look at yourself and tell me what you see
you’re just another wasted youth on pcp
you’re drooling on yourself, you got snots on your face
you can’t walk straight you’re falling all over the place
i don’t give a d-mn. it’s your life, it’s your right
yer part of a generation with no future in sight
yer tripping, yer slipping, yer f-ckin’ up your mind
stay away from me man ’cause i hate your f-cking kind

you’re on dope, there’s no hope. strung out again you are f-ckin’ up big time
lost in sp-ce what a waste. you’re falling on your face again frosted flake
can’t you see look at you, where will you end up, i don’t know
it’s your life, it’s your trip.
and you’re doin’ nothing of your godd-mn mind
that’s right, your godd-mn mind — skank up!

you’re all stupid and pathetic cause you blew your fuse
now there’s no turning back, there’s no use
you think you’re a rebel but you’re just a clown
keep on doing that sh-t you’re going down, down, down
raping yer mind turning into vegetable matter
doing nothing except making your dealer’s -ss fatter
no stash, no cash. so c-cks you will blow
i’m gonna love saying this but i told you so

ça fait trop longtemps ke l’monde est pareil
toi tu donne l’exemple d’un monde sans éveil
on a besoin d’toi, yé temps k’tu t’réveilles
pour changer notre monde, pour changer nos manières
amène toi donc, amène toi vers l’espoir
d’un nouveau trip, un trip sans la déboire
ben gelé sa mess, b.s.,
dis moi donc ski t’fais chier

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