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lirik lagu 1am agre$ion – perccy


(first verse * perccy)
lucy got me feeling crazy in the stu we jumpin lately
bump my sh*t, it’s going crazy *inaudible*
and don’t mistake me for a fake snitch ass n*gga
b*tch we ain’t pulling “roberts” unlike him we stay 100
running up the bag, had to change the pace in life
now i sit and watch my enemies talk that sh*t and lie
they be stupid they r*t*rded can’t compare to us
y’all be trash, y’all be praying on my downfall
but you’ll never catch me lacking we the realest homies out here
but you’ll never get us back i know you still think about me
you f*cked up and lost your chance now i’m flexing with my new chick
had to upgrade jus a little see the sh*t you post and laugh
now i’m different and i’m better but i’m still bout this *inaudible*
you know us never changing feel like mask i can’t fold
heard you n*ggas talking sh*t but can’t say it to my face
now we run this sh*t again she stay d*gg*n on her friends
homies always with me they gon ride until the end
this sh*t easy don’t pretend
(second verse * homie grim)
aye this sh*t easy don’t pretend yuh aye
okay i feel just like kobe no post malone i’ve been stoney
they passing around the 40 these haters think that they know me aye
i feel just like i’m broly i’m dripping water it’s holy
i’m k!lling the beat so coldly i’m tryna k!ll this sh*t slowly
okay like get up on my level b*tch i’m all up on my devil sh*t
riding with my homies and we came here just to settle sh*t
taking all the blades right out my heart and it’s painful
i sit and listen to the words but still denying the label
i’m tryna slap a hundred million dollars up on the table
and i do look up to god just like “i gotta be thankful”
blood on my shoes i’ve been sliding lookin cool it ain’t nun new
always keep it real and true like “hoe i feel amazing”
i’ve been running through the mazes see through fake
i see two faces game time time to lace up my laces
like bro i’ll start a mosh pit up in the library, ask me if my sh*t fire
imma be like “yes very” baby i’m so rare you can’t find me anywhere
step up in this b*tch and watch the competition quit
i get the chips i get it lit i put the key in her ignition *huh*
i ain’t slippin with the sh*t i’m on a mission on a trip an adventure, to make this sh*t
*an adventure to make this sh*t yuh, and we gon make this sh*t*