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lirik lagu 1-900 stereotype – professor griff


ah, yeah, y’all ready to do this?
are you sure? you sure about that? check this out
y’all get ready to get busy?
how about you on the left? how about you on the right?
everybody in the middle ready to do this?
yo obie, drop the funky one time
i’m ready to handle this
ah yeah, check this out

[verse 1]
i drink from the fountain of knowledge
you gargle? why bother?
you hope you can cope the funky rhythm
i give ’em somethin’ that’ll tickle your eardrums
you say you want some?
“come on man, h-ll no,” i thought so
listen, take a minute to check the rhyme
it’s time to destroy all those negative type stereohype
white-type models that are plaguing your inner mind
or did you know, we’re brothers of the same mind?

[verse 2]
yo, they labeled us, griff, you understand?
i’m referrin’ to the ones they call the other man
let’s just call this jam black awareness
“can we get a witness?” yeah!
obie is gonna handle this
this type, a stereohype
l.a.d. is gonna let it be known tonight, take control
grab the bottle of growth (?) and then squeeze it
i ain’t goin’ for it
so i stand up on my throne demandin’ justice
yo brothers and sisters, yo bust this

that’s right, y’all page your money, stop actin’ funny
come on, we got sororities and fraternities in the house
we got the aka’s, come on, make some noise
how about the a-phi-a’s, phi beta phi, sigma phi bein’
come on griff, let’s show ’em now, like this

[verse 3]
it’s a ritz, or just a regular old cracker
white in the middle, and not much blacker than the next man
i know you can can
be yourself, not another man
white man has a god complex
so you flex when you check your ident-ty
what does it mean to me?
correction, what does it mean to you?
are you stayin’ or p-ssin’ through?
give me a clue? maybe on the next flight
get off the unit ’cause the unit is tight

[verse 4]
let’s pick up the pieces, annihilate the problem
(come on, y’all!) and solve ’em
we can do this together, and whoever
whatever’s clever
1-900-stereotype, dial the number
then you find out it’s all hype
i was sitting home watching tv
with a g called gg
i turned my head and said, “did it hit ya?”
tell me now, what’s wrong with this picture?
426 called cages are only to blacks
now, what you think about that?

[verse 5]
the world’s in an uproar
they say that we’re equal to our people, but we know that it is a sequel
granted, they try to fact it to take a man
but nah man, a.g.s. is here to take a stand
and give respect for the other man

[verse 6]
why must another rapper diss one
who’s getting paid like the next one?
listen, christian, muslim, jew
here’s a little somethin’ that i thought you knew
there’s only one god and god is one
it’s sad, the rich man prays to many

stereotypes don’t stall us
if you wanna be real, just call us
if you wanna know the meaning of hype
dial 1-900-stereotype