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lirik lagu passion of the night – brian setzer orchestra


night time breaks and so does my heart
it’s beautifully broken in two
darkness falls, but the moonlight sparks
longing and yearning for you.

this is our story
is this the glory of love?
it’s hot and it”s right
it’s just the p-ssion of the night

prellbound and h-llbound what do i care?
we all end up the fool
chasing, facing the struggle ahead
a game without rules

is this our fight
just what are we searching for?
i’m ready to fight
for the p-ssion of the night

so let it all crunble
too late to be humble
as we stumble
home in the dawn

why are we running?
let’s both use our cunning
the two of us can’t be so wrong

sun shines in rather tentatively
as almost if to say
sorry to burst your bubble my friend
your blues are here to stay

i’ll wait for the darkness
and think of the warmness of you

you know you can’t fight
it’s the p-ssion of the night

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