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lirik lagu pc musical chairs – citizen fish


everyone gets a seat; no one gets left out. the desire to equalize is starting to numb us out. blunting individuals, looking far too wide beyond the need to understand that every single mind must know it’s own reflection not one that has been supplied. with over regulation we’ve nothing to decide. without the risk of failure, we’ve nothing to achieve. but when failures is the basis on which a brand new moral theme is set from past conceptions of an old morality, how far does doctrination make it seem like a repeat? invisible consensus. value added facts. standards shift without warning. something starts to crack. hear it on radio. see it on a screen. read it in a paper. they tell me what it means, in terms of having heard it somewhere else before, but the media self-appointed, are laying down new laws to give us more illusions, and this one like disease, has spread so well we find it hard to disbelieve. political correctness? check the words out one by one. after years of media politics the first one is no fun. the “correctness” reeks of cl-ssrooms, being taught to toe the line. so don’t tell me it is natural, or previously in our minds. anyone with a conscience knows what is right or wrong. they are pushing what cannot be bought: a reason to belong. pc is just a label, not a statement of id. not a p-ssport to be someone of some higher quality. when something says it for us and repeats it enough times, we believe we hear a chorus of other people’s minds. then we all become self-conscious and lose the basic need of expressing our opinions; it is the root of being free. it’s only by discussion of a difference that is known. learning by discerning who we meet and where we go. no one sets morality, what you are is all your own. pc obscures reality. what you reap is what you sow.

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