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lirik lagu pills – citizen fish


i was taking all the pills to stop me feeling i’ll again
supermarket shelves collapsing at the till again
doctor couldn’t help patients running out again

where’s the next step up?
all went blank for a couple of pages
hazy recollection of staring for ages, and ages

so i didn’t know how, i didn’t know when
an easy choice became the trend
weakening the thrills, less money to spend
someone had a car borrowed from a friend

memory distortion ten years on and back again
thrills a generation crash into the window pane
another empty parking sp-ce

a friend of ours was here
we drank a lot of beer
next day his vauxhall cavalier
had gone and disappeared

taking all the pills only went so far
did you get the thrills when you took the car?
driving up the price of running out of anything
caught in the distortion, distortion of escapism brutality
he’s wasted – escapist – in his overdrawn reality
he’s wasted – he’s wasted – he’s wasted – he’s wasted