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lirik lagu poetry and passion – atman

-i’m p-ssion and thou wouldst not exist without me
-i’ poetry for i express my p-ssions
i’m p-ssion for i feel thy poetry

and so began the tale
that a minstrel told
and that now it plesseth me to tell
there was love betwixt them
but they were kept asunder
hate there was betwixt them too
but they were ever joined
twas a joust twixt poetry and p-ssion
twas a battle twixt poetry and hate
though poetry with p-ssion filled him
and p-ssion filled him with poetry
from the centuries most remote
they rode the winding paths that met
and crossed and joined and broke away
like lives of men

the beauty of love inspired poetry
the whisperings of pleasure incited p-ssion

terror, mystery, unrest and pain
were matched against
tenderness, love, desire and link

when the act had been fulfilled
inside the kingdom of cruelty
when they met and knew each other
they became connected and exploded

and in that sea immense
thousands of stars did fall
that with their radiance illuminated
the aura of people
and made them to be poets
poets that wrote with p-ssion
poets that sang with p-ssion
for without them knowing
and in their own sky
poetry had joined p-ssion
p-ssion had joined poetry
inseparable union
out of mankind’s reach
and of those beings they believe in
and they call gods
and for whom they witlessly do kill

-oh! powerful an pleasing essence
-oh! soul of fire touch my sensitivity
-come into me and make me feel
-give me thy magic and make me fly

and so it was that day by day
the link betwixt poetry and p-ssion
gave life to a few humans
called sensitive people
music and poetry they did write
feeling, loving and knowing
immortalizing their feelings
through the profoundest art
from the centuries most remote
they rode and winding paths
that upon a time did meet
to be parted nevermore

the flames of terror set poetry ablaze
the groans of pain gave to p-ssion life

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