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lirik lagu polo & shell tops – meek mill

polo & sh-ll tops

yea, yea
i remember …

[verse 1:]
i remember nights i used to sell rock, posted on the corner like a mailbox
first cl-ss ticket to a cell block, just to get some polo & some sh-ll tops
cold world and they say h-ll’s hot
but it ain’t hotter than that choppa when them sh-lls drop
man i seen n-gg-s play that block and get they bell rocked
cops cleared the scene and i was back by twelve o’clock
tryna’ get it, d-ckie on and my fitted
gun in my draws, ducking the law, i’m all with it
money, cars and clothes, i wanted em’ all n-gg-
i never was good at hoopin, i wanted to ball n-gg-
cause the og’s sold keys and i had no cheese
copper’s lock me, beat me down like i was cochise
old fiends coppin’ work through they’re old dreams
they got shattered, it ain’t matter cause we thirst cream
n-gg-s serving n-gg-s moms just to make a flip
homies murder other homies just to make a brick
most my n-gg-s done got busted tryna’ take a hit
the feds were lurking, we was serving, they was taking flicks

this how it goes down in the jungle
where n-gg-s learn to shoot before they could rumble
cops rushing, they gon’ kick in the front door
and if they chase you better hope you don’t stumble
i wanted polo with some sh-ll tops
i just wanted polo and some sh-ll tops
and i was out there tryna’ sell rocks
cause i wanted polo and some sh-ll tops

[verse 2:]
i done seen close neighbors lose hope
fall victim to the streets and start to use dope
i use to load my gun before i went to school first
it’s crazy n-gg-s wanna kill me, we was cool first
and when it comes to friends you can’t let ’em to close
that’s why they call ’em close friends, you turn your back they move first
and i just bought a new ghost, and a crib out on that new coast
and it all started from a dolla
running from the law, scuffing up my prada’s
crack all in my draws, tryna’ make a profit
all i wanted was some sh-lls and some polo for my closet, awhhh
drug money, turn to blood money
i only roll with n-gg-s that’ll take a slug for me
no matter what it is, i’mma pay that bail money
to get my n-gg-s right, my n-gg-s for life!


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