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lirik lagu pop bottles – birdman

(feat. lil wayne)

chopper straight shots and then pop bottles, (yea)
flirt with the hood rats thin pop models (uh huh)
chopper straight shots and then pop bottles (yea)
flirt with the hood rats thin pop models,
[birdman] ok, we poppin champaign like we won a championship game,
[lil wayne] look like i got on a championship ring,
[birdman] ’cause i ball hard,
[lil wayne] no b-tch we ball harder,
[birdman] i am the birdman,
[lil wayne] and i’m the j-r-uh,

[verse 1: lil wayne]
ok, start with straight shots and then pop bottles,
pour it on the models,
shut up b-tch, swallow,
if you can’t swallow,
shut up b-tch, gargle,
straight up out that water with my mark jacob goggles,
i’m fresher than a motherf-cker
yeah i’m a motherf-cker,
no i won’t take your girl, but i shall take her tongue from her,
can’t you tell i’m in love woman?
like no other woman,
oh, i’m sorry sweetheart,
i thought you were my other woman


[verse 2: birdman]
now as i recline behind my desk,
i ain’t got a lot of nikes, but i got a lot of checks, (money)
got my own shoe brand new on the set,
went from sitting in the cell,
to sitting on a jet,
from sh-tting in the cell,
to sh-tting on a jet,
i lost too many friends, but i won too many bets,
i made too much money, i ain’t make enough yet,
so i scratch, and yes,
junior is the best (shawty)
so many n-gg-s from my hood on they back,
so many n-gg-s from your hood on they back,
that’s why we so paid and it be like that,
i’d rather pop a bottle,
before i pop a gat


[verse 3: birdman]
yea, only sipping red champaign,
white-t, red hat, red bandanna,
uptown, choppers f-ck companions,
f-ck with the birdman we chopping your companion,
f-cking with my son, and we run up on your mansion,
chopper make music, b-tch start dancing,
stunner-man’s back so you know the circ-mstances,
and i’m cooking up tha carter 3, no advances,
all my cars, all the latest automatics,
no lie, we don’t even drive no asking,
uptown, we packing and we stacking,
young money, cash money we the champions


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